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Prestige Martial Arts in Abbotsford and Chilliwack
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Martial Arts in Abbotsford & Chilliwack

Prestige Martial Arts has two location to serve you in Abbotsford and Chilliwack and is a proud member of the ATA. Our academy offers tigers classes for young children starting at 4 years old, karate kids beginner and advanced classes and adult taekwondo and we specialize in martial arts classes for the whole family. Join us to see what many other families are already enjoying and experiencing at Prestige Martial Arts.

"A co-worker was always so excited to tell me about his four year old son's Taekwondo class. I did not know anything about Taekwondo so he invited my five and eight year old sons to come give it a try on "buddy day". Happily greeted by the instructors, they immediately felt comfortable and included. Within literally minutes I was watching in amazement as these two brilliant instructors engaged, encouraged and sincerely enjoyed teaching these enthusuastic young boys and girls actual Taekwondo techniques. I could clearly see the benefits in those same first minutes. Coordination, balance, concentration, memory, self control, following instructions; it was all happening at once and yet the children were so absorbed that they had no idea the amount of skills in play."
- Prestige Martial Arts Parent

Why Choose Prestige Martial Arts?

Prestige Martial Arts is unlike many other martial arts schools. We not only offer physical training and self defense but focus as well on personal development and life skills training. Throughout the year our classes emphasize life skills such as confidence, goal setting, attitude, courtesy, loyalty, self-control, perseverance, honour and integrity. Using these life skills Prestige Martial Arts also partners with you, the parent, and your child's school teacher to reinforce these life skills at home and school.

All instructors at Prestige Martial Arts must go through several physical and instructional tests in front of other instructors and national representatives in order to become a nationally registered certified instructor, and must continue to renew this certification and grow as an instructor.

"My son has been doing Taekwondo with Prestige Martial Arts for almost a year now, and I can not say enough how impressed I am with what he's all learning! I thought he would be learning self defense, but it's so much more than that. Each semester, the class learns a different life skill. For example, this semester is 'attitude'. They learn what attitude means, and how they can apply what they're learning in class AND at home. They've also learned how to set attainable goals for themselves in class, and about honour."
- Prestige Martial Arts Parent

Martial arts training is unique and will offer you many benefits!

1. Develop self-discipline and self-confidence

2. Learn real and effective self defense skills

3. Improve coordination and balance

4. Get in shape; look & feel great!

5. Lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle

6. Relieve stress and forget your hard day at work

7. Make friends and be part of a family!